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Talbot: Tide Harmonic
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Jeremy Holland-Smith

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In Joby Talbot's 'water symphony' he transcends the usual portraits of rippling melody, using celesta, harmonium, harp percussion and strings to great effect. The work's seven movements vividly evoke many forms, from the stillness of Dew Point to the turbulence of Storm Surge. A work to please the ear and stimulate the brain.
Phillip Sommerich, Classical Music Magazine, 8/27/2011

The former Divine Comedian's latest project is an engrossing concept album about water, evoked in its various elemental states across a five-part suite bookended with a brief orchestral torrent supplanted by the resonant ringing of Tibetan temple bowls. In the opening "Dew Point", these are augmented by harp, glockenspiel, vibes, piano and celeste, with strings seeping through... "Hadal Zone" plumbs deeper, darker depths, with vibes and glockenspiel drifting down the scale over a steady bass monotone drone; and "Algal Bloom" pitches eerie strings against minimalist piano repetitions, before "Confluence" draws the various tributaries together.
Andy Gill, The Independent, 7/1/2011

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