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Samuel Barber

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Symphony No. 1 in One Movement, Op. 9 (1936)
G Schirmer Inc
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Large Orchestra
Year Composed
19 Minutes
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Programme Note
Samuel Barber Symphony No. 1 in One Movement, Op. 9 (1936)
Composer Note:

The form of my Symphony in One Movement is a synthetic treatment of the four-movement classical symphony. It is based on three themes of the initial Allegro non troppo, which retain throughout the work their fundamental character. The Allegro opens with the usual exposition of a main theme, a more lyrical second theme, and a closing theme. After a brief development of the three themes, instead of the customary recapitulation, the first theme, in diminution forms the basis of a scherzo section (Vivace). The second theme (oboe over muted strings) then appears in augmentation, in an extended Andante tranquillo. An intense crescendo introduces the finale, which is a short passacaglia based on the first theme (introduced by the violoncelli and contra-bassi), over which, together with figures from other themes, the closing theme is woven, thus serving as a recapitulation for the entire symphony.

—Samuel Barber

  • G. Schirmer:
  • Ensemble
    Royal Scottish National Orchestra
    Marin Alsop
  • Ensemble
    New York Philharmonic
    Bruno Walter
  • Ensemble
    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
    David Zinman
Barber's SYMPHONY NO. 1, a one-movement work in three sections, [has an] endearing lyricism...Barber was never afraid to make a huge statement, and just when you think he couldn't possibly ask for more volume from the orchestra, a tremendous wave of sound crashes in. But then the wave recedes, and sweet melody sings in its wake.
B. A. Nilsson,,01/01/0001
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