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Robert Xavier Rodríguez

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Xochiquetzal (for violin and piano) (2014)
Alhambra RXR
Small Ensemble (2-6 players)
Sub Category
Piano + 1 Instrument
Year Composed
17 Minutes
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Programme Note
Robert Xavier Rodríguez Xochiquetzal (for violin and piano) (2014)
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   Xochiquetzal for violin and percussion ensemble

  • Ensemble
    Amernet Quartet
    Chloe Trevor, violin; Jeff Lankov, piano
    Albany Records:
Xochiquetzal is a splendid piece for violin and piano, and my favorite on this release...
William Zagorski, Fanfare,01/09/2018
To set up his harmonic space for his piece Xochiquetzal, Rodríguez utilizes pentatonics to invoke an imaginary folk world, while actually quoting an ancient Mayan dance song in the finale… The piece is heard here in the 2015 version for violin and piano...Chloé Trevor’s violin line sinuous and seductive, while Jeff Lankov’s piano provides a subtle, mobile backdrop…
Colin Clarke, Fanfare,01/09/2018
If Xochiquetzal is any example, he is a true master. On a personal feeling, its theme of a Mayan goddess, her lover, her dealings with thunder and rain was immediately attractive…

…the work was lush, rich… [and] fit directly in with the pictures of hummingbirds, thunder, Tristan-style passion and Xochiquetzal's gifts of dance.

…Mr. Rodriguez folded his old Mayan tune — apparently the oldest music of the Hemisphere — with an inevitability and a blazing patina.

…a glorious gorgeous creation.
Harry Rolnick,,11/04/2016
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