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Sarah Kirkland Snider

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Disquiet (2004)
G Schirmer Inc
Year Composed
14 Minutes
Programme Note
Sarah Kirkland Snider Disquiet (2004)

Composer note:
Disquiet began life as melodic fragments I would hum to myself on the subway while living in New York in the year 2000. In 2004-2005 those fragments evolved into my first piece for orchestra, written while I was a graduate student at Yale. In 2012, I revised and expanded the piece. The creative impetus for this music was, to speak broadly, the agitation of unspoken words, particularly when those words simmer and writhe beneath a self-imposed calm. In addition to its dramatic declarations, the music has moments of tenderness and whimsy; at one point even something of a drinking song makes its presence known. Ultimately, though, the piece is a meditation on the idea that even the most agitated restlessness can engender a certain serenity and gratitude.

The piece is about 14 minutes in one movement. Disquiet is dedicated with love to my husband, Steven.

— Sarah Kirkland Snider

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