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Sarah Kirkland Snider

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Daughter of the Waves (for sextet) (2011)
Commissioned by yMusic
G Schirmer Inc
Small Ensemble (2-6 players)
Sub Category
Mixed Ensemble
Year Composed
9 Minutes
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Programme Note
Sarah Kirkland Snider Daughter of the Waves (for sextet) (2011)

yMusic, a sextet that adds flutes, clarinets, and trumpet or horn to the string-trio mix, represented a step up in the quality of both performance and music. I particularly liked Sarah Kirkland Snider’s substantial “Daughter of the Waves”…
Anne Midgette, The Washington Post,02/12/2012
Sarah Kirkland Snider, the composer of Penelope, revisits its agitated sound world with “Daughter of the Waves”, a nine-minute swirl of muted anxiety.
Jayson Greene, Pitchfork,02/12/2011
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