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Isaak Dunayevsky

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Freier Wind. Operette in drei Akten (1947)
Work Notes
Available in the USA, Canada and Mexico only
Text Writer
Winnikov, Victor; Kracht, Wladimir; Tipot; Möller, H.; Wagner, Alice
Schirmer Russian Music
Opera and Music Theatre
Year Composed
chorus, dancers, various non-singing roles
Solo Instrument(s)
3S, Mz, A, 4Bar, B-Bar
Programme Note
Isaak Dunayevsky Freier Wind. Operette in drei Akten (1947)
A poor partisan widow, Klementina, lives with her daughter Stella in a port town. No longer knowing how to pay the rent, she is overjoyed when the rich shipping magnate Stan asks for Stella’s hand. Stella, however, is not interested in Stan, for she is in love with the sailor, Janko. While sailors organize a collection for the needy Klementina, all speak of the partisan Stefan, who is celebrated as a hero of the people but pursued by the police as a criminal. Stella and Janko celebrate their engagement, and the young sailor reveals himself to his bride as the partisan, Stefan. Stan, who has found out about Janko’s true identity, tries to blackmail Stella into marrying him but is confounded and arrested as a Fascist collaborator. Stella and Janko are happily reunited and the brutal suppression of colonial revolutions is averted.

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