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Rolf Wallin

Publisher: Chester Music

Imella (2009)
Commissioned by the Bodo Sinfonietta for the folk music fiddler Susanne Lundeng, with funding from Det Norske Komponistfond.
Chester Music Ltd
Soloists and Large Ensemble (7+ players)
Year Composed
22 Minutes
Solo Instrument(s)
Programme Note
Rolf Wallin Imella (2009)
Bodø Sinfonietta's commission for a fiddle concerto for Susanne Lundeng became the realisation of a dream I've had for years: to combine the drive and the direct expression of folk music with the possibility in art music to take the listener on a journey in large and changing soundscapes. In particular, the very eccentric logic of melody and tonality that one can find in much of Norwegian fiddle music has felt very close to some of my own ways of composing. It has been very fruitful to collaborate with Susanne to explore the territory between violin and fiddle, between two different modes of thought within the same instrument. She has all the way met my ideas and peculiar inventions with a strong sense of what it takes for the music to acquire life, and I think that we together have found a new musical landscape I believe will be exciting for the listener to enter.

Programme note © 2009 Rolf Wallin

  • Ensemble
    Bodø Sinfonietta
    Susanne Lundeng (violin), Siri Torjesen (soprano)
    Christian Eggen
    Store Studio:
a concerto by Rolf Wallin of utmost sophistication and subtlety, composed for this outstanding musician who has 'successfully renewed folk music without losing the heritage'. Starting with single notes, vibrato-less, Lundeng gradually worked up to torrents of sound, stamping and crouching by turns, duetting with the leader who looked as if he wanted to leap up from his chair and join her. Lindberg conducted this complex score with admirable precision.
Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical,20/10/2009
....[What matched] in sheer audacity [was] Rolf Wallin's Imella, a concerto for violin and sinfonietta-style ensemble: classical, folk and jazz languages, intuition and improvisation all mingle as one heady all-playing, all-dancing act by the Lofoten Islands violin virtuoso, Susanne Lundeng,,,
Hillar Finch, The Times,10/08/2009
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