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Rolf Wallin

Publisher: Chester Music

The Age of Wire and String (2005)
Commissioned by Ensemble Court-Circuit with funding from The French Ministery of Culture and Det Norske Komponistfond.
Chester Music Ltd
Small Ensemble (2-6 players)
Sub Category
Pierrot Ensemble (no voice)
Year Composed
15 Minutes
Programme Note
Rolf Wallin The Age of Wire and String (2005)
1. Snoring, Accidental Speech
2. Dog, Mode of Heat Transfer in Barking
3. Half-life of Walter in the American Areas
4. Food Storms of the Original Brother
5. The Golden Monica
6. Leg of Brother Who Died Early
7. Food Costumes of Montana
8. Swimming, strictly an Inscription

The Age of Wire and String borrows its title, and also the titles of its movements, from the debut novel by the American author Ben Marcus. This wonderful and highly unusual book describes a world totally different from ours, a world that defies earthly laws of nature, but that still seems to have its own set of laws and logic, consistent, yet ungraspable. While reading the book, I found that this description fits equally well to the abstract world of music, especially modern art music, with its ability to transport our mind to places never visited before.

The Age of Wire and String consists of many small miniatures, some of them very short. The piece was commissioned by Ensemble Court-Circuit.

Programme note © 2005 Rolf Wallin

Score sample

  • Ensemble
    Bodø Sinfonietta
    Susanne Lundeng (violin), Siri Torjesen (soprano)
    Christian Eggen
    Store Studio:
"Wallin's music is put together with a jeweller's precision..."
Andrew Clements, The Guardian,18/01/2007
"Exquisitely surreal miniatures"
Hilary Finch, The Times,17/01/2007
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