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Avner Dorman

Publisher: G. Schirmer

Avner Dorman’s music works its magic by melding far-flung influences and making them sound natural together. Depending on the score, an inviting neo-Romantic fabric may bear touches of modernist acerbity; vigorous, complex rhythms; themes built on Middle Eastern and Indian modes; Baroque figuration; or the accents of pop and jazz. Extramusical notions often animate the music as well.
The New York Times
Key Works:
Career Highlights:
  • 2019 Pinchas Zukerman and Amanda Forsyth premiere and internationally tour Double Concerto, a tribute to Zukerman celebrating his 70th birthday
  • 2018 Nigunim wins the Azrieli Prize for Jewish Music
  • 2016 Wahnfried premieres in Karlsruhe and is revived by popular demand the following season
  • 2007 Frozen in Time premiered by percussionist Martin Grubinger
  • 2006 Breakthrough premiere of Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! with Zubin Mehta, PercaDu and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
  • 2000 Ellef Symphony receives the Prime Minister’s Prize in the composer’s native Israel