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Los Angeles
Music Sales Corporation
G. Schirmer, Inc.
1247 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90401
Tel: 310-393-9900
Fax: 310-393-9925
New York
G. Schirmer, Inc. / Associated Music Publishers, Inc.
180 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel: 212-254-2100
Fax: 212-254-2013
G. Schirmer Rental and Performance Department
2 Old Route 17
Chester, NY 10918
Tel: 845-469-4699
Fax: 845-469-7544
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Los Angeles
Executive Vice President, West Coast Operations:
   Jeffrey Duncan
Copyright & Licensing
Director of Copyright Administration:
   Leticia Alvarez
Senior Director of Film, TV, and Advertising:
   Oscar Mazzola
Senior Director, Creative Licensing:
   Kimberly Cooper
Manager, Synchronization Licensing:
   Elisa Jacobs
Print/Mechanical Licensing Manager:
   Kevin McGee
A&R and Communications Coordinator, Music Sales Corp.:
   Brielle Schiavone
New York
CEO, Music Sales Corp.:
   Tomas Wise
CFO & Executive Vice President:
   John Castaldo
President, Music Sales Corp./G. Schirmer, Inc./AMP; Node Records; Schirmer Theatrical, LLC:
   Robert Thompson  
Executive Assistant to the President & Promotion Administrator:
   Julia Snowden
Promotion Director:
   Rachel Sokolow
Senior Promotion Manager:
   Ed Matthew
Promotion Consultant, Opera:
   Peggy Monastra
Promotion Manager, Venue & Festival Market:
   Andrew Stein-Zeller
Promotion ManagerBallet & Dance:
   Matt Trent
Promotion Associate, University Programs & Opera Catalog:
   Marcos Cuevas
Executive Producer/Agent, Schirmer Theatrical:
   Michael Mushalla
Producer, Schirmer Theatrical:
   Alyssa Foster
Editorial & Production
Director of Publishing Administration:
   David Flachs
Director of Production:
   Peter Stanley Martin
Editor/Production Manager, Premiere Works:
   David Fetherolf
Production Editor:
   Ronen Shai
Head of Digital:
   Guy Barash
Copyright & Licensing
Contracts & Licensing Coordinator:
   Iris Torres
Director of Film, TV & Advertising:
   Joseph Giammalvo
Submitting Original Compositions for Publication:
   G. Schirmer/AMP does not accept unsolicited manuscripts
Chester, NY
   Kim Rabaglia, Director
   William Dickinson for online quotes & orders
   Elijah Jones, Library Manager
   Greg Legaz, Senior Librarian
   Mike Pomares
   Maria Betro

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